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Home Textile Tool Museum Workshops

June 11 - Coiled Pine Needle Baskets- Carol Lukovich 11am - 2pm Fee: $25 Materials: $20. Class
size: Maximum: 8 students. Students will learn the basic coiling technique and stitching used for
making a small bowl. Carolyn has taught many workshops in the region and in California, Nevada,
and Florida. She takes great pride in teaching this ancient art form with the hope of its survival. Her
students give her great joy just by showing their interest in their own artistic expression

July 24 & 25- Felting a Yarn Bowl - Denise Tarbox, 10 am until finished (both days)
Instructor fee: $50/Materials fee: $30 - includes all materials needed. This two day workshop covers
making a yarn bowl the first day and then embellishing it with felting techniques the second day.
Denise will contact each student to find out what they are interested in making so she can bring
appropriate embellishments. Students may want to bring large and small scissors, needles, thread,
and perhaps some of their own embellishments that Denise may not have.

July 30 - Beginning Great Wheel Workshop with Tracy Sayre from 10 am to 4 pm.
Fee: $25/ Materials: $25. Class size: Maximum of 5 students. This one day workshop will introduce
you to spinning on the great wheel, using a number of different fibers and fiber preparation. We will
cover how to set up and adjust your wheel. Tracy has been a handspinner for over 30 years and really
enjoys learning about wool and sheep breeds. She has her own fiber animals and enjoys working with
their fleeces.

August 7 - Soapmaking - Laryssa Zahajkewycz instructor fee: $25\materials fee $40
This class is a part of homesteading day, a Saturday from 1030 until 4 PM. Maximum number of
students - 6. Laryssa is well known regionally as a popular workshop teacher of a wide variety of
homeschooling skills and has been making soap for 25 years. Her workshop features basic soap
making using beef tallow and vegetable oils. Students will have a variety of sense to use in the
finished product ( 24 bars of soap)

August 13-14 - Designing & Embroidering Tiny Landscapes - Anna Oliver. 10.30- 4pm both days.
Instructor fee: $50/ Materials fee: $25 ( Includes linen, DMC floss, frame, embroidery hoop, needle,
thread snips.) Maximum class size of 8. For beginners and those who wish to design their own
patterns. Simple for stitches and eight colors combined to make a 2 1/2 x 3” embroidery. Make
abstract and bright landscapes, using eight colors of DMC floss to design and execute- perfect for

September 11-12 - Bobbin Lace & Tatting - Iva Kressler/ Mary Paulhamus. Fee: $50/ Materials: $35.
Class size: maximum of 12 students for lace and two for tatting. Contact the workshop registrar for
the list of what each student will need to bring to the class.

September 17 - Naalbinding - Michelle Kaleta - 10 am until 4 pm. Instructor fee: $25
back/materials: $20. Class-size maximum of five. Learn to knit like a Viking! Naalbinding is an
ancient form of constructing garments with a single needle and yarn.Make a small bag or hat using
the Oslo stitch. Materials included: naalbinding needle and two skeins of yarn. Materials to bring:
just yourself and a sense of humor and adventure!

For details, contact registrar Eve Herrington at or 570-744-2653.

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