Small Loom Day

“Small Loom Day” - A positive plethora of different types of small looms, including Tape Looms, Inkle Looms, Tapestry Looms, Tablet Weaving Looms and more! Cardboard loom mat make & […]

Homesteading Day

“Homesteading Day” Homesteading Skills are as relevant today as they were for our ancestors.  Just some of our featured activities for the day will be basketry, rug making, chair caning, […]


OPEN FOR TOURS  Bring your current textile project and lunch -  plan to spend the day and work in community, make new friends relaxing at the museum.*Check the workshop schedule […]

Small Hand Tools

“Small Hand Tools” Learn about the use, care, and cleaning of small hand tools with Ross Gigee.

Wool Waulking

“Wool Waulking” Join us in finishing our community  woven woolen cloth by soaking it and thumping it rhythmically to shrink and soften it, while singing traditional waulking songs.